About Us


Bringing wholesome, unique, and locally conscious cuisine to our beloved Appalachia.


Our Story

Where It All Began

Lucky Rivers was created from an ingrained, unexplained passion for all things culinary from a young age. After leaving a career in education, I decided to start working in the food industry. It started with cooking and baking in a small restaurant in Hinton, WV for a couple of years until that business closed temporarily due to COVID. That closure led me to work in restaurants in Lewisburg and Beckley and even cater from my own home. Finally, I decided what I truly wanted was a place where food, health, and community could come together. So the creation of Lucky Rivers in November of 2020.


What We Offer

Weekly Specials

 Fresh new entrees, the best in Appalachia

Fresh Ingredients

Our ingredients are always fresh and never frozen

Tasty Meals

Critics rave about how delicious our meals are

Creative Chefs

Our chefs work hard to come up with fresh and bold new recipes

Authentic Cuisine

All of our meals are 100% authentic

Home Roasted Coffee

Coffee, fresh and brewed to order

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